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I read a bit of everything.

Seeing Red

Seeing Red - Sandra Brown I really liked this. It definitely made me want to read more from this author. The mystery is good. It twists around but doesn't get too crazy. The leads are easy to like. It's sexy but not all about the sex.

The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon - Dashiell Hammett I enjoyed this one because it's so weird lol. Is it supposed to be suspenseful or some type of comedy? *Shrugs*

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou Finding out more about this author's life is always interesting. She tells about the good and the bad and how she felt, and she always seems to keep a good outlook on life. It helps me to get over some of the petty things in my own life.


Illuminae - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman 4.5 stars

This book is awesome. I didn't have it figured out at all. Everything was fresh for me. It's in the future. People are in space. It's the files of a tragedy and a sort of government or company cover-up. But this is the files of what really happened and fighting back. The AI aspect is so interesting also, the way that it becomes so human.

The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde This book throws right in so it took me a minute to get my bearings. It's in an alternate reality. Books are a huge deal. Parts can come to life. Throw in some time travel and comedy. There are murders and robberies. There are government agents trying to bring down criminals disrupting lives and stories. I enjoyed it. I'll be continuing the series.

A Tale for the Time Being

A Tale for the Time Being - Ruth Ozeki This book just didn't work for me. It's written well, but it just isn't my kind of story. It made me feel depressed.

Turtles All the Way Down

Turtles All the Way Down - John Green This is a story of a mystery, romance, and friendship that would be interesting as is, but it also includes issues about mental health. All the bits were good, and it goes a long way to showing what it feels like in someone's head with a difference they cannot control.

Most of All You

Most of All You - Mia Sheridan
Both of the leads were easy for me to love. They have painful pasts, beyond the norm, tragedies in fact. I like the way they overcome. It's an emotional journey that fills the soul and the eyes. Crystal/Ellie is not in a good place in most aspects of her life, but the writing makes her easy to understand. This book illustrates the importance of taking the time with others instead of judging. Gabriel is bone-deep good. He's solid, strong, supportive and sensitive. I couldn't help falling hard for him. Because he's been working through his issues for longer and mostly in a better place, he is patient with her. He gives her love and space as needed. Also, I have to say thank you so much to the author for making girl characters who are genuinely nice to each other. I'm always looking for a story that makes me feel. Most of All You kept a hold on my heart. It's definitely a book I recommend.

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Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

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It Takes a Village: Picture Book Edition

It Takes a Village: Picture Book Edition - Hillary Rodham Clinton, Marla Frazee This book is to show kids that it takes all of us, a diverse population which includes adults and kids to do things. The people in the book are working on a community project together. There's a line in it that says something about kids not coming with instructions (or something like that), and it says grown-ups don't either. I thought that was a good point to make for kids.

Selections from Skeleton Crew

Selections from Skeleton Crew - Dana Ivey, Frances Sternhagen, Matthew Broderick, Stephen King I thought that I was getting the full book instead of selections when I picked this up. I was looking to read The Mist which isn't actually on this one. I did like the selections, but I'll be going back for the full book soon. I would say these shorts are creepy mind-fucks.


Sightlines - Santino Hassell
I've wondered how powerful Chase truly is so I was excited about his story. His abilities are definitely all that, but actually, his vulnerability is at least as attractive. He's been starved for affection for so long. It's astonishing that he became such a great man. As much as this is a high-action battle between the good and bad sides of the psy community, it's a love story between Chase and Elijah. Both have been through enough pain for a lifetime. Their resilience is amazing. Chase has some stunning displays of his psy talent in this book. I love that he uses it for protection and not to lord over everyone else. If you want action or romance, Sightlines delivers. It is a fitting ending to the series, but I can also see how more books might be added some day.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

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The Good Daughter

The Good Daughter - Karin Slaughter This book is about so much. It's a mystery on top of a mystery. It's about family relationships. There are terrible tragedies. It has tons of heartstring pullers. The Good Daughter kept me 100% interested for the entire read. I definitely recommend it.

Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10)

Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10) - Agatha Christie This is a really good whodunit. Someone is killed on a train so the killer has to be among them. There is a widely varied cast. The mystery is not easily solved. I don't know why I waited so long to try something from Agatha Christie. I'll definitely be reading more.
I like how this book is bringing attention to what it is to be gender fluid. I'm not an expert, but to me, it does a good job of helping the reader to understand the character. I do wish there would have been a little more going on that wasn't about gender identity.

Written in Red

Written in Red - Anne Bishop 4.5 stars

This book is different from most of the ones I've read that have vampires and werewolves. The Others aren't traditional versions of these creatures. There are all different forms of Others also. Some are season spirits and forms of nature and weather. It's really cool, very creative. I'll definitely be continuing this series.


Gone - Michael  Grant I really liked this one. I'll be continuing the series. It's about a bunch of kids, everyone is under age 14 being the only ones left in their reality. So all the grownups are gone and weird things are happening. Some of the kids have powers. There's an evil darkness. The animals are evolving. They have to figure out normal survival things like finding food and taking care of the babies. They also have the mutations to deal with. Everything is more deadly. I would say this is YA dystopian and a bit horror-ish.

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