Scarlet Stone

Scarlet Stone - Jewel E. Ann
4.5 stars

This author is good at creating wonderful female leads. Scarlet is so original. I can't compare her to any others from recent books I've read. I love this because it seems so often that the women in romance books can only have a couple of personalities. Scarlet is multidimensional with her very own flaws and attractions.

Actually every person in this story is not the average role. I'd say they're all a little 'off' in some way, and it makes them very interesting and not easily figured out. I was never quite sure what action or reaction someone would have in each scene of this story. I like that.

Theo is unusual type of romantic hero. He's not the kind of man who sweeps you away. He grows on you. I love Theo and Scarlet. They definitely have a relationship that pulls out all the emotions. If you like troubled characters with big hearts, this is that couple. Even though it's not really his story, Scarlet's dad, Oscar, stole the show for me. I completely fell for him. ♥

The storyline surprised me often. Sometimes it felt like a spiritual journey and really spoke to me on that level. Other times the passion was intense, or the plot felt suspenseful. There are some twists and mysteries that I didn't even know were going to play out connected to everything. If you're looking for a romance with a different feel, please check this out. It's sexy, exciting, thoughtful and just a bit of everything. I enjoyed it.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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