Homegoing: A novel

Homegoing: A novel - Yaa Gyasi This is amazing storytelling. It follows the history of a family in Africa from the 1700's through to current times. All the feelings are there. The plot is fascinating. I've never read about how things were in Africa during this time. The different tribes were at war with each other. They had slaves. They sold slaves to the British who sold them to America. Two sisters with the same mother and fathers from two different warring tribes have separate journeys. One marries one of the British slavers, and one is sent to America as a slave. The story traces the lines in Africa and America telling of each generation. All the good and bad are included. It's gritty often, and many characters are in pain. By the end, I was so invested in this lineage that I just couldn't believe it was over. I was especially interested in the line in Africa because I knew so little about how life was there over the years. Also, I didn't know much about the time period right after slavery was abolished in America, the coal mining and unions and such. It's an engrossing read with captivating details and tons of heart. I highly recommend.