The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Supremacy - Robert Ludlum These books are so different from the movies. The storyline isn't the same. Also, the timeline is like 60's & 70's instead of current-ish. It kind of makes me think of how superhero comics have alternate reality universes for the same characters. Regardless of the small details, the overall is the same, lots of government and unknowns. He has to figure out who is doing what to him. He starts from nothing, not knowing who is against him or if anyone is on his side. Everyone is shady and a possible threat. Also, because of so much undercover, he has his own mind to compete with when trying to discern what's real. In this story he gets pulled into a battle between two opposing forces in China that could destroy other governments. Also, there is another Bourne, again. All of the scenarios would be dangerous of the best agent without having to sort out their own identity during the process.