Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire - Cari Z.
This is a romance about two men trying to move forward from troubles in their pasts. It's also a suspense because a bit of trouble is still to come for them.
Elliot has completely turned his life around. He was a lawyer tangled in illegal activities with dire consequences. Now, he's running a successful company that focuses on helping and supporting others who have also made mistakes and then positive life-changes.
Lennox works in security. He's a good man struggling with burdens and regrets. He made an impossible call which resulted in some soldiers dying by shots from their own people. Everyone knows there was no way to have known, but he can't move past the guilt.
Friendly Fire has awesome supporting characters. Holly is a cute dog that steals the spotlight. Lee, Lennox's daughter, and Serena, Elliot's personal assistant and Lee's aunt, bring a lot of personality to the story. They also really push the relationship along between Elliot and Lennox.
If you're looking for a contemporary romance with some action, mystery and suspense, check this out.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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