Scarlet - Marissa Meyer 4.5 stars

When I read the first book, I was surprised by how much I liked it. Even after that I figured I wouldn't really like this one. I didn't expect it to be able to keep up with everything, but I liked it even more. So much of YA where girls are in main character positions seem to focus on romance. Although there are some attractions in this series, the main point seems to be action. The first book was like a loose Cinderella remake, and this one is like a sort of Red Riding Hood retelling. All of the characters carried over from the previous though so the story just got bigger. To me, as I said about the first book, I get more of a Star Wars feeling than the fairytales the book is suppose to echo.
This story has a Scarlet (Red) character. She's strong and can definitely take care of herself for the most part. Wolf creatures sort of like the big bad wolf and reminiscent of werewolves are also introduced. There are aliens, powers, fights, spaceships, cyborgs and androids just like the first book. It's pretty fast-paced with a range of characters. Some are humorous, mysterious, dangerous, strong, etc. Also, even though this is in the future when the world has mostly collapsed, you can tell some are from what would be China, France and other countries so the nationalities are pretty diverse.