Beard Science

Beard Science - Penny Reid
I truly love Jennifer. She's a virgin, but this is totally not one of those cliché tales of the annoying little princess being corrupted by the undeniable alpha male. Jennifer has personality. She's been sheltered her entire life by her overbearing parents and is trying to stand on her own feet. She isn't rebelling and going all wild. She's a good person looking for a little breathing room and a few people to call friends.

Cletus is one of the most unique and interesting characters I've come across. He's definitely sexy and appealing in many ways. He's also very smart and blunt. He sends signals by way of his outward appearance and mannerisms that he's just an average country boy mechanic. He's actually logging every detail of what goes on around him. He has the dirt on anyone and everyone and isn't above using it when it comes to protecting the few people he loves. I really enjoy the intelligent straight forward way he approaches life, and the way he talks is so refreshing. I'm in love. ♥︎♥︎

This is definitely the best romance I've read in a long time and one of my top reads this year. Nothing about it felt like something I had already read. That's very rare for me. I cannot recommend it enough. If you like sweet and funny romances, this is a must. I read it as a standalone, but I'm definitely going back to the read the other books now. 5++ stars

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