American Psycho

American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis I read this book for Banned Books Week. I can absolutely understand why it was challenged. I can't even think of how to write a proper review about it. I just want to throw out expletives and wild hand gestures. Bateman scared the shit out of me! He's the guy everyone wants to date and wants around, and he's completely freaking psycho. He's a serial killer that has total breaks from reality. He commits atrocious violent murders. He even comes right out and tells people, but everyone is so caught up in what's the latest most expensive trend in the city that they just blow it off as jokes. The sexual torture scenes are so horrifying that I had to take breaks. Everything is so detailed that I almost threw up once. The way the author divides the insanity with completely mundane who's wearing what and going where and eating which item and drinking which drink and so is genius. It winds the reader down and then he hits us again. This is so scary because society is really like this. We have to actually be hit upside the head with something before we recognize the evil from the normal. Inside Bateman's head is a terrible place to be, but sadly it's interesting too. He has some kind of crazy appeal. This story completely disturbed me. I don't think I could reread it or recommend it, but I still think it deserves a high rating.