Looking for Group

Looking for Group - Alexis  Hall
3.75 stars

A big part of this story is activities and conversation happening inside a game. It’s going to hit home more for someone who is a gamer. Since I’m not, I wasn’t fully able to understand and appreciate some parts, but it actually broadened my mind to a whole new world. I will never look at online gaming the same again.
Looking for Group is very sweet. I recommend it for teens and adults. The characters are everyday people that most can identify with at least somewhat. The storyline is full of empathy for others, faith in being the real you, knowledge that exact definitions of your sexuality aren’t necessary and examples in online friendships can be just as important as face to face relationships. For some, the gaming jargon will be too much to get passed so this won’t be a book everyone will appreciate. Go into it with an open mind, and you will see it’s a beautiful look at life and learning from one young man’s point of view.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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