Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop - Alice Clayton
3.5 stars

This book with its sexy farmers really tempts the reader to head to the nearest farm. Overall Cream of the Crop is a contemporary romance, but it does a good job of educating also. I had never thought about how cheese was actually made before reading it.
Natalie is a total city girl. She has a professional job, wears expensive shoes, loves to dress up and makes flirting an art form. She has an in to all the most IT restaurants and night spots. Oscar sells his cheese at the farmer’s market every Saturday morning. He’s stoic and straightforward.
Natalie and Oscar are easy to like on the surface as is, but learning their backgrounds is what truly made me love them. Natalie is a plus-size girl who rocks being sexy. She seems to have always had the perfect life, but knowing her past enforces how awesome she is now. Oscar has a story of his own. He’s had disappointments, but he’s made his way in life admirably.
I enjoyed meeting these new characters and catching up with the wonderful cast from the first book. I’m looking forward to more from the Hudson Valley series.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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