Check, Please!

Check, Please! - Ngozi Ukazu Updated. Bitty and Jack are the cutest. I love how everyone is supporting them. The fine jar is funny. I love this comic. :)

Update. I just read the latest additions, and I love it more and more. It's awesome how everyone is still so involved even though some have graduated. Jack & Bitty are adorable. The diner scene is great. I'll continue to follow this comic. ♥︎

I'm in love with this comic. I've read seasons 1, 2, the outtakes/extras and what's up so far for 3. The characters are so cute and fun. There's hockey plays, pie baking, friendship bonds being formed, college parties. It's all great. The graphics are exceptional, and since it's online occasionally the reader even gets a moving bit inside a pic. The storyline kept my interest, and the extras are really funny and sort of educational. I will definitely continue to follow this comic.