Glitterland - Alexis Hall I am in love with this book. I've been seeing it around for awhile, but I just never took the time to check it out for myself. I'm beyond thankful that I finally did.

I didn't realize that it would be so funny. I laughed a lot. Ash's dry since of humor is in sync with mine. He's like my book character soul mate. He and a friend are having a moment. He says, "Look, I need to stop having this heart-to-heart before I throw up. My heart gets claustrophobic." That's so perfect that I'm going to have to borrow it, haha.

There's a serious side to the story as well. I had a bit of teariness. Ash is dealing with mental health issues. It's a constant struggle.

Darian handles him so well. He hops right through those defenses. They're total opposites and absolutely the one for each other. Darian is such a sweetie and easily works his way into your heart.

I read so much that I don't often take the time to return to a story, but I'm certain I will with this one.

Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

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