Paper Princess

Paper Princess - Erin Watt, Elle Kennedy, Jen Frederick
Paper Princess is labeled as YA by many, but I would not consider it that. Even though most of the characters are under age, it does have mature content. There aren't a lot of sex scenes, but what is there is too descriptive for me to not put this book in the new adult category.

I was so swept up in the plot that time seriously got away from me. At one point, I figured it was my bedtime so I looked at the clock, and it was only a couple of hours until time for me to get up the next morning! So yeah, it's one of those books.

Ella has been through a lot of hardship and heartbreak in her young life. She is definitely a survivor. When she's offered what looks like a free ride (plenty of food, clothes, a wonderful house, etc.), she takes the opportunity to stop living hand to mouth. But a posh life with the Royals isn't exactly the fairytale one would expect.

The Royals. Whew! All the Royal men have issues. I have a love-hate relationship with them, and I'm so intrigued with them too. Most of the guys are still in high school, but they're sinfully delicious and dangerous already.

That ending! Grrrr!!!

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