Target on Our Backs

Target on Our Backs - J.M. Darhower
We all know the type of man Ignazio is. He knows. Karissa knows. Everyone knows. He makes no apologies for his past, but he is trying to lead a different life now for Karissa's sake. The problem is that the other players don't want to let him go.

Target on Our Backs isn't full of unexpected or shocking moments, but so much is life-changing or life-threatening. Naz and Karissa know how serious everything is, but the vibe surrounding them is subdued. They're so strong and practical, the perfect matches for each other.

This author is a master at delivering a powerful, stoic male lead. The fearlessness isn't bravado. He knows he isn't invincible. He has nothing to prove. He isn't afraid to die even. The only thing that concerns him is the woman he loves.

I enjoyed seeing a different side of Naz, the subtle exchanges that mean so much between him and Karissa. Getting to know Giuseppe a little more is a special treat. Some new characters from Naz's past also pop up.

I was not expecting a third book. I thought the story was over. I didn't think I wanted more, but I was wrong. I needed this book. It gave me that consumed feeling that I haven't had in awhile. Even days later it's still heavy on my mind. I loved it, and the ending is perfect.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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