The Shadow

The Shadow - Sylvain Reynard
4.5 stars

I really liked The Raven, but for me, The Shadow is even better. The plot picks up exactly where it left off. If you enjoyed the art and history intermingled with vampire fantasy and carnal desire featured in The Raven, you're in for more of the same depth. Features that I didn't notice as much from the first book but loved in this one mostly include the action and twists.

There is a war brewing. The reader has to try to deduce who is bad or good. Also, several little important clues have been dropped in both books about the background and connections of Williams. Raven's past and relationships play big parts too.

A female lead that keeps her wits while being in love and doesn't give in to the physical perfection the vamp blood could give her is enduring. Including actual historical figures as characters is brilliant for this storyline. Watching the mystery of William slowly unravel is alluring.

The Shadow speaks to the reader's interests in intelligence and romance. It's a great mix. I’m very much looking forward to the next novel in the series.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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