Obligation - Aurora Rose Reynolds Myla and Kai are connected through their families. Myla was taken away as a child to a place where she could live without the backlash from things in which her family was involved. Somehow trouble still finds her. Kai has secretly been trying to watch over her through the years and comes to her rescue. In order to keep her safe, they pretend to be married, but more comes from this plan than the original intention."So we try to make this into a real relationship."

"Every relationship starts with attraction. You're attracted to me, and I'm attracted to you."

Most of the book is the two of them trying to figure it out—how they feel about each other and how to proceed. A lot of it feels kind of new adult because of the uncertainty and the new emotions for both. More hard core bits of the organize crime pop in occasionally throughout the story.

Uncle Frank may be my favorite character from the novel. He's the comic relief, a big silly goof that does manage to give help when it's needed.

Obligation has a super sweet epilogue. It was my favorite part of the book, and I smiled while reading it.

Now to what I thought of the book. It seemed like just rambling. I could not figure out what the point was suppose to be. Nothing really happens in it.

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