Kick - Carmen Jenner I did not read the Sugartown books, so I went into this story 'blind' I guess you could say. Every character was starting at ground level for me. I must say this is a really gritty story. It definitely will not be for everyone. The author even has a note in the beginning stating that it will be a difficult story. I tend to love the damaged characters. Thus, Kick found his way into my heart.

Kick has had a terrible life. From the womb he has never had an easy go at anything. I just don't even know how the poor guy is still standing. He seeks no sympathy for how he is either. I actually think he puts himself in a category for people who are terrible when really he isn't. He blames himself for not being the hero. He's really just a broken person, a survivor, not a truly bad man.the fucked up ones gravitate towards each other like magnets. Darkness doesn't seek out the light. It smothers the light, and it revels in the light's death. And there is nothing more dangerous than darkness that doesn't have an outlet.
Enter Indie. She was a person in 'the light' but not now. Indie went through total hell. This isn't easy stuff to read, but it makes you feel. Indie and Kick are just two pieces of matter floating around in their fucked up world. The question is can they help each other?

The writing was excellent. This storyline is like none I remember. Often I get MC books confused with each other. There will be no danger of that here. This story knocked me for a good one. I definitely will continue with the series. And I want to add that I appreciate Kick, a guy who is attracted to the women who are damaged. In most reads the bad boy has a chick that's all his, a sweet one breaks through his shell. Kick likes the whores, the losers, the ones who've been molested and gang raped, the ones most men wouldn't get near.

4 to 4.5 twisted stars

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***