Snowflakes & Fire Escapes

Snowflakes & Fire Escapes - J.M. Darhower Although Snowflakes & Fire Escapes was originally published as part of an anthology, it is a complete story. Nothing feels rushed or left out, definitely a top level read.

I fell for Cody and Gracie right away. The kind of love they have is pure and true and precious and rare. They have been best friends since birth. That friendship slowly turned to more and continued to grow. With both having been born into crime families, it doesn't take long for the real word to burst their bubble."It's easy to say, because it's true. You can break people apart, but you can't rob them of what's them. You'll never be without me, because I'll always be part of you, just like you're in me, Gracie. You're my soul, love."
I can't go into exactly why because it would give away too much of a spoiler, but this storyline is a different side from the usual organized crime novel. The point of view of mob kids growing up isn't a new thing, but the direction the plot takes is not the normal from stories I've read.

Snowflakes & Fire Escapes is an endearing read that I definitely recommend. I give it


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