Alarm - Shay Savage Going into this book, it appeared to be another dangerous bad boy meets innocent good girl story, but it has a much more heartfelt storyline than that.

Chloe tries to be the perfect girl, daughter, employee, friend, etc. She never wants to tell anyone no or hurt their feelings. Inside, she is bored with her life and wonders if this is it for her. Aside from her cool sci-fi geekiness, she has nothing much interesting about her.

One night Chloe has too much to drink and meets a man who is majorly muscled, large and tattooed. Warning bells are going off in her head, but she decides to not play it safe this one time.I marveled at the story the pictures told, laid out on his skin for everyone to see but no one to understand.
The hidden truth was both beautiful and sad at the same time.

Things progress super quickly. All the clues point to him being a threatening criminal, but he treats her so good. He cooks for her, spends money on her, spends time with her talking and going on adventures. He helps her to come out of her shell."That's life, Chloe. That's living."
The fire between them is supernova strength."I don't want to stop," Aiden said as he stared down at me. His eyes wandered from my breasts to my thighs, hungrily. "I want to fuck you. I don't want to have to worry about pulling out. I want to fuck you hard, and I want to come in you. I don't give a shit what happens.BTW, this is just one hot example of his pillow talk. He loves to talk dirty during sex. :)

For her, it all boils down to can she trust him with her heart. She knows her solid stable life, and being with him feels like moving in the total opposite direction. For him, there is a whole world of other issues going on, and she is the only thing that makes it feel right. This story is filled with many life lessons like stand up for yourself, don't jump to conclusions, face your problems, be true to yourself to name a few. It has excitement, sexiness, pain and sweetness.

ALARM was not what I was expecting, and I'm glad. It's filled with characters that I would love to know in real life, and it left me with a good feeling.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***