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Hollywood & Vine - Olivia Evans Josie works with the movie industry in costume design. She has seen Anders, Hollywood's top male lead, on set. Of course he never noticed her, a lowly nobody. He's on every who's who list, A-list royalty. She's an unknown, part of the crew, basically a servant to the whims of the stars on set.

Josie is a looker; although, she normally doesn't flaunt it. She's had a crush on Anders forever. She knows the extent of his whorish ways so she decides to go get her fantasy night. Josie has no delusions that they are now an item. It was onetime deal. They both got their rocks off and parted ways.

Because of a another actor going into rehab, Anders ends up as the lead in the next film she's outfitting. Trying not to make things weird for her, Josie stays away from him as much as possible. When they do cross paths, he doesn't even remember their hookup! That's what happens when you sleep with thousands. Yet, he does know something is familiar about her."I think about him a lot. And not all of those thoughts involve burying his body."
Through much of the story, Anders is just too much. He's so full of himself. Everyone wants him, and he knows it. Slowly he starts to grow on you. I liked him more as the story went along, but I could not understand why he did things the way that he did. It takes the whole book to really figure out him and his behavior."I'm sorry for acting like a dick."
"You need to get that tattooed to your forehead. It would save you a lot of time."

Josie is toward the immature side herself sometimes. Her reactions are easier to follow, but still loaded with dramatics. Though compared to most of the in crowd, she is ready for sainthood.

Josie has an incredible relationship with her best friend. Experiencing parts of the story from inside their friendship is great. Madison is the wing woman every girl needs.

Of course there are some bad guys in this tale. Get your mental backhand ready for some bitchslapping.

I found this to be a fun read. It simultaneously made me want to be a part of the rich and famous and happy to not be in the spotlight. If you like partying with superstars and fights that lead to love, this is probably the story for you.

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