Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood - Claire C. Riley, Madeline Sheehan

While reading this book I felt: anger, sadness, fear, love, grief and everything was so damn touching. It was super easy to become attached to the characters, to love them, to hate the ones that wronged them. If you want a very well written story that doesn't pull any punches, this is the one for you.

It has happened, the zombie apocalypse that everyone has feared. The disease spreads rapidly covering the sufferers in blisters while blood seeps from their bodies until they die only to rise as a rotting monster with the sole purpose of devouring human flesh. Two best friends, Leisel and Evelyn, have seen so many die this way. They are just two decent girls trying to find a place to survive in this new world, a world where the cruel prey on the weak and women are property.There were only so many times a person could be beat down, again and again and again, before they broke entirely.
Thicker Than Blood has a full action-packed storyline with an 'out of the frying pan and into the fire' mentality. Through it all, we see Evelyn and Leisel constantly supporting each other.When she stumbled, I stumbled; when she fell, I fell. We were in this together; she was all I had left.
They do happen upon good people occasionally. Two great men are Alex and Jami. I instantly fell in love with them both. In a time when a woman's fate is determine by the whim of the man possessing her, finding honorable men becomes a rarity. Both Alex and Jami are gems. ♥

I could not put this book down (I actually stayed up all night reading and didn't shower the next day so that I didn't have to take my eyes off it). The plot is realistic to how the story would evolve if true. The reader is not babied. At the same time, the story does resonate with the readers humanity. It isn't straight up horror, but it isn't a fairytale either.The pain, the suffering, the struggle, it was never ending, much like the barrage of bullets I'd put into that man the night before, like the number of times I'd driven that blade into Lawrence's body, like the amount of tears I'd shed.
But through it all there is love and promise which can give a person strength like nothing else can.
"I love you, Lei."
"I love you too, Eve."

If you're looking for erotica or romance this isn't for you. If you want something with a bit blood and gore that pulls your heartstrings, Thicker Than Blood is a must read.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***