First Debt

First Debt - Pepper Winters This is the second book of the Indebted series. It picks up immediately where book one ends. Nila is on the run from Jethro. Neither can seem to get a bead on the other.I didn't trust Jethro. At all. This was a battle. Every time we touched, licked, and eventually fucked, it would be war. And only one victor would come out alive. I have every intention of winning.
Book one kinda left me thinking WTF is going on. I seriously had no idea. This book is still very mysterious, but the reader is given several tidbits along the way that help to fill in some of the blanks. We discover some of the reasons for the debt between the families, but still have much more to learn. And we have the first of the "collections" take place."Then it's time for payment. Today is your First Debt, Ms. Weaver. The Debt Inheritance has begun."
Things don't exactly go as planned. Feelings come in to play. But at the end of the day, nothing changes the facts."How will you live with yourself when my blood pours over your perfect shoes?"
This series is full of words that have symbolic meanings and connections. I feel like there is a puzzle to be solved, a secret riddle inside. On the surface it's definitely a battle of wills, but not the battle one would think. Learning more about the Hawks, makes me wonder who is really the one in control. Will Nila have enough time to figure it out and save herself, or is already too late?
We would keep on ruining each other. We would keep on desecrating debts and vows. And we would keep on fucking up our future until nothing but horror remained.
I liked Debt Inheritance, but First Debt is quite a bit better in my opinion. The storyline is better. I felt more of an attachment—less vague, more personal feeling. This definitely left me wanting more, and I will absolutely continue with the next read as soon as it's available.

4.5 stars

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