Determined to Obey

Determined to Obey - C.J. Roberts Although lighter than than most of the Dark Duet series, this book still deals with issues of slavery, but it goes about it from a different angel.

Kid reminds me of Caleb in that he's too pretty to be a boy. The difference is Caleb's hard life toughened him while Kid is still all soft and sweet. Really Kid is just looking for someone to love him. Celia and Felipe take him on as their boy toy. While forcing his boundaries, they also fill the missing holes in his life.His world has become simple: obey or be punished. Kid decides simplicity offers its own peace.
Some of the scenes in previous books where we had the story from the perspective of Caleb and Levvie are shown from the POV of Kid, Celia and Felipe, but mostly the story is tale of the conditioning of Kid.

The way Felipe talks to Kid, the debasement of forcing him to refer to his ass as his pussy is hot in my opinion.He fights back tears as Felipe compliments his 'shy, pink hole' and 'virgin pussy.'
And I never knew Celia was such a freak. :)

The dynamics of Felipe and Celia's relationship, the love that sprouts between the three and some about their backgrounds are also discussed. They really do complete each other.Celia can be too brave.
Felipe can't tell her no.
And Kid is determined to obey.

I loved this book, but it was over too quickly. I want more of this series.

4.5 stars