Rough Canvas

Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill I absolutely loved this book. When a friend suggested reading it, I had no idea what I was getting into. I highlighted practically the entire book. It's one of those books that changes the way you look at life. A love like the one within this story is so beautiful and so rare. Most of the world will never know it.

Thomas is a man torn. The love of his life is on one side and his family on the other. He needs his other half to complete him, to repair him.

Marcus is a man lost. He has no attachments to anything, but through Thomas he can find himself.

Both men are so self-sacrificing, so good.

Julie is my favorite side character. I can so relate to her.

The scenes in this story are so original in my opinion. The glass wall, the fountain, the room. All of that was...just wow, indescribable for me.

I love these men so hard, so heartbreakingly. Gorgeous, wonderful, amazing story. Spiritual even.

For anyone who likes M/M this is a must. Read it now.