The Prisoner: Broken Series Complete Collection

The Prisoner: Broken Series Complete Collection - Kol Anderson Wow, this collection just completely floored me. If you want something really dark in the m/m genre, this is it. I could not put it down. The rape and torture in it are horrendous. The internal monologues helped me to get through it. Book one was pretty exciting. Book two tried to kill me. Book three tried to mind-fuck me. I was surprised by the way some things went. But I must say that I was not shocked by that ending. I knew something was up. Even though some parts went a great way toward traumatizing me, I can't wait to move on to the next book. The author is a miracle worker in my opinion to be able to write scenes like the ones in this book, some disgusting and some hot. I never knew what was going to happen this time, each time.

*If you can't handle drug usage, graphic violence, forced sex, brutal torment, you will definitely not want to read this book.