Worth Keeping

Worth Keeping - Susan Mac Nicol I love a good damaged characters story. These poor fellas have that in spades, especially Nick. His life has been just plain tragic.

This story grabs your heart and pulls it into all the pain and love going on. It's quite deep in that aspect. Also, it is very interesting. The characters and settings are different than most I've read. There is a pet monkey, an island which can only be entered and exited before/after high/low tide, quirky townspeople and more.

Even though the storyline is full of damage and issues, there is plenty of humor present.He was a bloody pain in the arse. And not in the way Owen wanted him to be.

This line really tickled me because I had just said last week how cowboys don't really "do it" for me. It's like the book was speaking to me.Owen was aghast. "How can you not like cowboys? Bare-chested men in hats riding huge beasts with all that power and muscle between their legs and those great tans..." he shuddered in pleasure. "And they even have rope, Nick. Rope." I had a good laugh over that.

And the ultimate best line in the whole book has to be"We're a right bloody trio, aren't we, Socks," he murmured as he hauled the basket to the bedroom and laid it in the corner. "Two would-be suicides, one who likes slicing and dicing himself, and a monkey. This should be done as some sort of sequel to those Hangover movies."

The bottom line of the journey through this book is love.

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