Always You

Always You - Missy Johnson Always You seemed like it was going to be just another light read about the whole teacher/student love affair, but it wasn't. It surprisingly got pretty deep. Dalton and Wrenn both have some painful issues that they have been though and are going through. The storyline was much more serious than I had expected from the synopsis. And I think this is a good thing. This book discussed some emotional topics. One was very original. I do not remember reading a book where one of the characters had to deal with this particular problem. The way the story went wasn't fairytale but instead more realistic which was great in my opinion. Everything can't always go perfect all the time in real life. Yes, it did have the great true life bits that I enjoyed, and it also has the silly and the sexy.

Made my heart skip? What was I, a twelve-year-old girl?

And Kass the lesbian best friend is a trip.

Running your tongue along the opening of a vagina is one of the most erotic things I can think of...god I can't even explain. It's really something you need to try to understand.

So this books has some great topics, sexy, funny, sad, loving and realistic. And it's a quick read.

Also I just wanted to say (not about this book) look at Missy's upcoming book Provoke. Everyone knows how I am about the fighters. And it looks like it's gonna be a great one!

Deeper than I expected
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