Defying the Odds

Defying the Odds - Kele Moon

I read this book because it was suggested to me by a friend who knows my love for fighter men.  And Clay Powers is definitely now on my list!

Melody is a waitress in a diner in a small town.  She left her abusive husband after years of being physically and mentally beaten and is now trying to get her life back together while staying hidden from him.  She is just hoping to lay low and get by.


Clay is the world heavyweight UFC champion.  He doesn't enjoy the whole circus involved with being famous and makes no effort to be liked by the public.  Most people are scared of him and give him a wide berth.  When he isn't fighting, he's home in a small town and frequently eats at the town's small diner alone or with one of his only 2 friends.


Neither Melody nor Clay are looking for love.  And neither seems to be what the other would choose in the eyes of those around them and with their histories.  Will they be able to overcome their positions in life and be together or do their feelings not go deep enough?


I think the 2 friends of his have their own books in the series, and I plan to read them soon.


I love fighters
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