Rogue - Katy Evans REMY is my #1 book boyfriend so he's a tough act to follow. Greyson did an excellent job. I didn't like him as much, but I did love him.He's a ten. I've never, ever been with a ten. And the way that he looks at me...I've seen that look before. The look that Remington Tate gives Brooke. That look. He's giving it to me and I'm dying inside. Can I die from one look? And if one look can kill me, then what would one touch do?
Greyson is like a good bad guy. He wants to be a good person, and in his heart he is a wonderful person. But his circumstances and actions make him look otherwise. He's perfect for readers that want to skirt the edge of bad boy.

Melanie is a realistic 21st century girl. She isn't a super virgin or a badass. She's a lonely woman with a life full of one night stands looking for her prince charming.

I like both characters really well, and I think that they were perfect for each other. Sometimes couples in a story don't seem even, but they definitely complete each other. Neither is really good or bad but a variance on the scale.She makes me feel like I'm not a robot, like I'm flesh and blood, a man, not a number, not a job...not a monster, not a bastard, not a zero.

I super enjoyed this read and definitely recommend it.