Mad Lizard Mambo

Mad Lizard Mambo - Rhys Ford
It's super easy to get wrapped up in the mythology of Kai's world. Everything takes place in a dystopian version of Earth. There are elves, dragons and different types of monsters. Kai is a stalker. It's his job to hunt and find objects and creatures in this new world. He's an elfin hybrid who identifies more with humans but doesn't quite fit in with any group.
This book is full of fighting and activity. It starts by jumping right in. The excitement is broken up with funny dialogue between Kai and others. Often the other is Ryder who has become a working and possible romantic connection. They don't agree regularly. Kai is the grump everyone loves. He bristles easily and protects fiercely. Kai, Ryder and company are on a mission to procure something important to the lives of elves. Near the end the suspense gets thick. The horrors of Kai's past and his natural instincts to do good pull my heartstrings.
I really liked the previous book, but I loved this one. It has everything: action, adventure, humor, suspense, romance and more. I very much recommend to science fiction and fantasy readers.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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