Away from the Dark (The Light Series)

Away from the Dark (The Light Series) - Aleatha Romig
4.5 stars

I think this author is trying to kill me slowly. No one can keep me on the edge like she does. You can never take for granted the direction the storyline will go in her novels.

I devoured Into the Light and have been dying for Away from the Dark since the moment I finished ITL. AFTD dives straight into the thick of the struggle. The reader knows things that the characters do not, and even so, you still don't know the solutions. You're just waiting for the rug to be pulled out, for the explosion to happen. I grew to love Sara and Jacob. Their strength and bravery are admirable. Their relationship is made to weather a storm, but they confront wave after wave. So many times I held my breath hoping they would get through a situation or make the right decision. When they came to a crossroads, I flailed about with uncertainty. It's great writing when an author can make a person worry more for characters in a story than real life. This author has a gift for it.

I recommend this book (series actually because book one has to be read first) to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers and mysteries. I also suggest having a strong drink handy and maybe one of those squishy stress balls for the really intense scenes.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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