Run to You (Risking It All)

Run to You (Risking It All) - Rachel Lacey
3.5 stars

Ethan is a ladies man. He’s supposedly a player, but he came off as sensitive, caring and compassionate right away to me. He’s a former Olympian who won a few medals in swimming. Since this is an Olympic year, and I’m all fired up about Olympic swimming, this added some attraction to Ethan for me.
Gabby does coding for video games and is in Haven taking a break from the city. She stumbled onto Ethan’s extreme obstacle course property, which immediately starts them having the hots for each other.
If you like stories where the relationship gets started right away (versus a slow buildup), this is something you should check out. My favorite part was probably the steamy ocean sexy time. I also liked how close Ethan was with his grandmother.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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