The Fireman: A Novel

The Fireman: A Novel - Joe Hill I didn’t even read the blurb for this before going in so I knew nothing about it except the title and the cover art. The Fireman turned out to be exactly my kind of book. I love when a story makes me feel. I was angry, devastated, scared, invigorated, deeply touched— I could keep going. The amazing characters and storyline really pulled me in. It’s sort of an apocalyptic tale but not really and sort of dystopian but not exactly. Spores are infecting certain people and changing their makeup. Some spontaneously combust, and others react differently. The reader sees a lot of the best and worst of humanity. Page after page kept me on the edge, and after finishing, all I could do was try to recover from all of my overworked emotions. I couldn’t sleep that night because all of the sad and beautiful parts kept replaying in my head. The details and delivery are so intelligent that it completely feels real.