Unconditional (A Love Without Limits Anthology)

Unconditional (A Love Without Limits Anthology) - Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Jane Harvey-Berrick, Sarina Bowen, Mary  Elizabeth, Amber L.  Johnson, Lauren K. McKellar, Shay Savage, Magan Vernon, C.J. Lyons, D.  Hart
Falling From The Sky by Sarina Bowen
Hank is a snowboarder who becomes a paraplegic after an injury while gearing up for the Olympics. He's rich which enables him to use money to remodel his life, but no amount of money can take away all the struggles for him. Callie is a doctor, and has never been adventurous, wealthy or confident. She doesn't see herself for the exceptional person that she is. When their paths cross, they help each other to gain a new perspective.

I thought this was a great original story. I love how he is still portrayed as every bit the desirable male of any other leading man. Issues that go along with spinal injuries come up which make the storyline more realistic. The author also seems very knowledgeable about winter sports, and a book is always better when the details make sense; so, I appreciate that. Falling from the Sky has good friendships and a sweet romance. I enjoyed reading it.

Surviving Raine by Shay Savage
I love this book, and I love Sebastian Stark.
I continue to love every book I read from Shay Savage.
I guess she can't write a bad book after all. ;)
Bastian is technically not a good guy. I love how damaged he is yet what a wonderful man he is under all of that."No matter what actual words come out of my mouth—every time I think of you, every time I touch you, and every time I speak to you—I am making love to you."
He is seriously f'd up and seriously someone I would want on my team no matter what the situation. He is a survivor.
I love and recommend this book. <3