The Brazen Boys Series Box Set Books 1-4

The Brazen Boys Series Box Set Books 1-4 - Daryl Banner

Dorm Game
I've found the world's greatest source of renewable energy, and it is horniness.
Daryl is one of my all time favorite authors. Up until now, what I have read from him has been more fantasy storyline and less arousal based. When I found out he was going to write a sexy M/M contemporary, I couldn't wait to get my eyes on it.
I was not disappointed. He brought the sexy while still delivering that differently awesome 'Daryl' way of wording things.
Michael is kinda nerdish. He has the hots for Mr. big and muscular aka Andrew who loves to turn everything into a game. When they become partners on a project, the battles known as the dorm games ensue. Who will win, and does winning or loosing really get you what you want?
I found it to be a great read, fun and saucy.

On The Edge
This is a sexy little story about fantasy coming to life. Edge is just an idea in the eyes of Derek. After meeting Edge, he learns everyone is only human. It brings Derek out of his shell. The encounter is also sizzling. Edge's speciality is reaching the level right before orgasm and staying there.
"Edge with me," he whispers. "Stay on the edge with me."
I am in love with the way the author writes. I've read several different genres from him, and he just has this special 'Daryl speak' that is so unlike anyone else. Sometimes a story isn't as good to me because it uses the same words and phrases that I've read many times before. That never happens when reading something from this author.
I think this story is delicious and actually quite sweet. The characters are identifiable to the everyday man or woman, and the story brings home the fact that everyone has feelings and hangups.
If you're looking for a sexy romp that flows smoothly with lots of points that make you laugh and others that turn you on, this is a book for you. I enjoyed every word.

Owned By The Freshman
In my opinion, this is the farthest this author has went into the direction of depraved erotica. It isn't taboo by my definition, but it deals with the idea of being dominated and even shamed somewhat for sexual pleasure. Also it has the student/teacher element.
Thom is an angry, bitter, hateful, controlling college professor. He finds fault in everything and can't seem to feel happiness or fulfillment in anything. All it takes is one sexy, confident student taking charge of him to change his entire outlook.
Although, the book is about the act of following through with a sexual fantasy, I believe the point is to not dwell on the negative, but rather to take a chance when opportunities arise in life.

Dog Tags
Jesse is a band nerd type who spends his free time playing video games. Brandon was always the big scary kid in school. After high school Jesse went to college and Brandon joined the Army. An even bigger well-muscled Brandon returns for leave and stars in Jesse's fantasies. Obviously, the boys have some catching up to do. *grin*
This was a super enjoyable read for me. I never know what to expect from this author. He keeps me on my toes. Even though it's a novella, a complete story is told incorporating a unique spin on the everyday while giving us hits at military life. This author always has an underlying message whether he's writing about zombies or futuristic superpowers or men doing the sexy with other men. I think the point to take away from this book is to always take the time to appreciate what you have.