The House by the Lake

The House by the Lake - Ella Carey 3.75 stars

This book switches between the past and present. A girl's grandfather asked her to go to Germany for him which is strange because he never speaks of his background. He was in Germany before WWII. This story is different because it is about the climate before the actual war. Hitler had a lot of good ideas about making the country better in the eyes of most Germans. Their country was struggling. He didn't start off full blast about killing Jews and taking over the world. He won them over by brining awareness to areas of hardship for Germany and proposing drastic solutions. He wanted to make Germany great again. This story makes the political climate of today (2017) in the US feel even more scary.
Some of the storyline wasn't interesting to me, but other parts touched me deeply. This is a bit of bittersweet romance, family saga and historical fiction. It's worth reading for sure.