The Forbidden

The Forbidden - Jodi Ellen Malpas At first, I was really into this story. The author did an excellent job of making you feel the forbidden desire. Yes, it is an affair, but the pull is still so strong. Later, my rating dropped some when the characters started doing such dramatic things. Example: She overhears him with going at it with his wife in the bathroom so she picks up a guy and takes him home. He comes and knocks her door completely down because she's in there with the man. She sends the man away and ends up comforting her lover because of his "crazy" wife. I would have probably given the story a 3-star rating up until near the end. An abortion clinic comes into the plot. I was offended by the language used (ex: hideous, immoral) and the way the scene was portrayed. I'm supposed to be open to a person having a long term sexual affair with a married person but not a woman's right to choose?